It's difficult to understand why Keith Thompson hasn't achieved greater fame. for his output is always of such a consistently high standard. Now joined by what was originally intended to be a pick-up band that he first encountered in Poland, Transcendence maintains this run. As ever, Thompson mixes up his track styles with considerable flair. Opener, "Backwater Blues" may well be a Bessie Smith song but here it is transformed into a Free-style rocker that'll have you searching for those old flares and tie-dyed tee shirt. The slower "Like A Stranger" is far more soulful, featuring lyrics for today's political climate, before the upbeat blues jam, "Watch n' Chain" gets the feet tapping with more great guitar and vocals. The atmospheric, "Working on the Railroad" is a slow burner that evolves into a real treat of a blues rock number with Thompson soloing superbly. The traditional, "Hesitation Blues", rearranged Santana-style as a Latin dance number with added horns, may not be to everyone's taste but the wonderful, "Surrender" with it's Peter Green feel returns to safer ground and will certainly have you reaching for the repeat button. Another strong release from a genuinely talented artist.

Morgan Hogarth